Those Audacious Meehans

Those Audacious Meehans

Those Audacious MeehansThose Audacious MeehansThose Audacious Meehans

The love story of an orphaned girl and a banished boy.

If you wait until you're ready, it's already too late.

Those Audacious Meehans

A book about my paternal grandparents and their family history has been in the works for some time. It is not ready for press, but the current world situation with COVID-19 heightens my need to share their story now. 

Charles and Hester Meehan's Family Tree


The Family Tree of Charles and Hester Freeman Meehan

Please see Associated Families for additional family trees.

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I. The Orphan's Family: Anderson II. The Orphan's Family: Freeman III. Banishing Charles: A Dickensian Tale IV. Love Story: Defying Prejudice and Law V. The Meehan Children

Hester's Family Video

DeWitty, Nebraska Video


The Love Story of an Orphaned Girl and a Banished Boy

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Hester's Family

Anderson and Freeman Families

This is audacious


DeWitty, Cherry County, Nebraska (links to NET website)

Dad laughed and said they renamed the town Audacious because of him. Learn more bout this unique piece of Nebraska's history at Nebraska Stories. 

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Those Audacious Meehans